I’ve had the chance to troll Donald Trump. But I didn’t.

The craziest thing that could possibly happen on my professional life as a Software Engineer happened on August 18th, 2016. That day I discovered that I could perform a massive Rick Roll attempt against the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.   The crazy story begins with an unexpected e-mail from a guy named Shu Uesugi – a San FranciscoContinue reading “I’ve had the chance to troll Donald Trump. But I didn’t.”

Using jQuery Mask Plugin with Zepto.js

Today I’m going to exemplify a pretty easy way to put jQuery Mask Plugin to run with Zepto.js instead of jQuery. What is Zepto.js Basically, you can switch from jQuery to Zepto.js if it’s too heavy or if it’s too much for your current needs. If you need something more lightweight that allows you to keep yourContinue reading “Using jQuery Mask Plugin with Zepto.js”

Masks With jQuery Mask Plugin

Today is the oficial release of the version 0.4.3 of my jQuery Mask Plugin. Since I have never written about it before on this blog, I’ll teach you guys how to use it and some other cool features about it. Downloading the code The only thing that you guys need to do is include the javascript file ofContinue reading “Masks With jQuery Mask Plugin”